The best aesthetic art how to apply cool color lipstick, for fair skin to prepare

MAC Marrakesh

This color is like the name that writes autumn and winter is same, prepare for fair skin specially, full-bodied hot cocoa is warm and sweet, this color is tonal slant red, besmear on the mouth is super foreign gas, do not want too woman simply, can trust to buy completely, quality of a material belongs to matte smooth slippery show color.

3 ce

It is estimated that many fairies will have to chop off their hands when 3CE comes out. The color of this lipstick is super representative, rotating the thin tube of black body, and the texture is frosty. In cold light, it has more red tone, and in warm light, it has more orange tone, which is super white.

Givenchy N37

This autumn velvet lipstick of givenchy, the shell is super cute and high-grade, the color is super authentic, absolutely retro deep red, thin color partial rose, a little girl group feeling belongs to velvet texture, not reflective.

MAC grind arenaceous, 923

This peach lipstick, in autumn is invincible completely, and still belong to grind arenaceous, color is super special, but show chroma is not very tall, suit the girl of without makeup is practical, quality of a material also is relatively smooth matte quality of a material.

If it’s a substantial change, see an expert. Move through each section similar to this and you will be completed right away. You don’t need to leave it in for the entire development time. Truthfully, however, you can make pretty much any colour work!

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