French tour, to the sea city of mount saint-michel

The Le Mont-saint-Michel is a must-see for French tourists, the Catholic Church’s third holiest spot after Jerusalem and the Vatican, made up of towering granite blocks on the sea between Normandy and Brittany in northern France At 88 meters above sea level when the tide comes in, it becomes an ocean, Jericho. It’s very mysterious.

The Abbey on the Le Mont-saint-Michel was built in 1023, it was set on fire during the war, the original Abbey was completely destroyed, now we see it rebuilt by 1211, the whole project took 17 years It is still regarded as a model of Medieval Gothic architecture and is definitely one of Normandy’s must-see sights.

One of the main goals of most visitors to the Le Mont-saint-Michel is to see the high tide, which usually occurs in the spring, when the tide can drop as high as 15 meters and when the parking lot at the foot of the mountain is submerged. When it’s not high tide, it doesn’t usually flood the roads.

Tickets: Le Mont-saint-Michel doesn’t need a ticket, the monastery is 10 euros

Route: Take the train from Paris to Gare Rennes; turn right after you leave the station and walk to the nearby Gare Route re, where you can catch a bus to the Le Mont-saint-Michel.

which is about an hour away take the train from Paris to St. Malo, take the bus to the Le Mont-saint-Michel.

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